About CrossDressingBreastFormStore.com
Our special innovative design team creates and manufactures almost all of our special items so that you are assured a perfect fit - and do not have to return items over and over. Unlike other online stores, we Actually design and manufacture our styles.  Other stores simply sell plus size womens clothing or  low end  silicone breast form products. 

Our special site, has become the leader for Crossdressing clothing,transgender lingerie and Silicone Breast forms in the USA. We have been in business for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in being a great source to the crossdressing and transgendered community when they need specialty products that are made to fit their special needs. Our motto is "Trust us to Look Your Best !"

We started as a transformation service.  Trying to dress and size her clients was always difficult — since standard women's clothing did not fit well — so the idea for a crossdresser apparel catalog was born. All of the items in our catalog and website are either custom manufactured or individually selected so that they fit the male body and look feminine. All of the clothing and our great panties, hiding gaffs, and  lingerie  is CREATED for the male body. We don't purchase products hoping that they will fit the customer — we design and manufacture it all for a perfect fit.

As opposed to all the other CD retailers, we add new and exciting products every season and run weekly sales on selected items, so be sure to check back from time to time. We offer two full fashion launches  per year, just like all the other fashion houses like DKNY,  Gucci, etc.

We are excited to be able to cater to your special and unique needs and want to help you achieve your feminine fantasies with discretion, ease, and style. If you want to finally be able to look your most feminine, and do it with style and class then we hope you will trust our designers and staff at CrossDressingBreastFormStore.com to make you look your absolute best ! All our  clothes and accessories are designed to capture the look and feel of feminine sensuality.